Collaborative Divorce Advanced Training AND an Open To The Public Meet And Greet

Last chance to register for tomorrow's collaborative advanced training! Info and press release below. Even if you cannot attend the seminar, the public is invited to meet Pauline Tessler and Peggy Thompson at Sullivan University, 5-7 pm. Here are the details: Download kcfn_networking_event_poster.pdf

Is a Dignified Divorce Possible?
Event Unveils Revolutionary Approach to Emotional Issue

LOUISVILLE, KY – With half of all marriages ending in divorce, everyone knows someone who’s gone through the process – and everyone has heard a horror story of a divorce that’s gotten ugly. Collaborative Divorce offers a better way.
Collaborative Divorce, also know as “divorce with dignity,” is a revolutionary alternative to traditional divorce proceedings that proves divorce doesn’t have to be a lose/lose situation. This process helps people get control of their divorce and also allows them to keep their dignity – and their money – in place.
With Collaborative Divorce there is no finger pointing, no shouting, and no heartbreaking family scenes. Instead Collaborative Divorce uses a comprehensive approach where the couple, not a judge, is in control of their decisions. This is accomplished with a team of professionals that help the couple resolve the emotional, financial and legal aspects instead of fighting it out in a public court.
The Kentucky Collaborative Family Network, Inc. will sponsor a networking event at Sullivan University Auditorium on Wednesday, November 1 from 5-7 p.m. on Collaborative Divorce. This free event features nationally recognized authors of Collaborative Divorce: The Revolutionary New Way to Restructure Your Family, Resolve Legal Issues, and Move on with Your Life.
The authors, Pauline Tesler, M.A., J.D. and Peggy Thompson, Ph.D., are two of the most respected and highly credentialed names in Collaborative Divorce. Tesler, a lawyer who has specialized in family law for over 30 years, co-founded and served as the first President of the International Academy of Collaborative Professionals. Thompson has been a licensed psychologist for more than 25 years and has been a leader in developing the Collaborative Divorce process and is a co-founder of Collaborative Divorce trainings.
The event is open to the public and attendance is encouraged by those who are considering or have already begun the process of divorce. The book Collaborative Divorce will be available for purchase and a host of professionals will be available to discuss the practice of Collaborative Divorce.
To RSVP for the event or for more detailed information on Collaborative Divorce, please call 502-893-8122 or visit the Kentucky Collaborative Family Network’s Web site at