Collecting Delinquent Child Support

The second annual list of Jefferson County, Kentucky Delinquent Child Support Obligors appeared in the Courier-Journal Sunday, August 13th, as an insert which we haven't yet found online. This year’s list contains the names of 936 individuals who, as of July 17th, have not made a child support payment for 6 months or longer and who have not responded to numerous attempted contacts by the County Attorney’s Child Support office. The insert listed the obligor’s name, last known address and child support owed. Readers with information on the current location of the obligors are asked to call the Child Support Hotline at(502)574-0821. All information is confidential.
Last year’s insert appeared in the Louisville Courier-Journal Sunday, July 31, 2005, and produced:
8,567 payments of $943,966.45
629 calls to the hotline number
341 new court dates set
485 non-custodial parent employers found
444 wage assignments sent to those employers
1,145 current addresses for obligors
“The results are phenomenal,” said Irv Maze, Jefferson County Attorney, in a press release. “In most cases, this is the first monetary support these children have seen from their non-custodial parent, despite numerous past attempts to collect.”
“My office continues to receive information and contacts which are resulting in payments to the children. I am very grateful for the public response to our efforts.”
Funding for publication of the Child Support Insert was granted by the Louisville Metro Council through the sponsorship of 18th District Councilwoman Julie Raque Adams.
UPDATE: The list is online at WHAS11.