Courier-Journal Companion Piece On Uniform Parentage Act

In a companion Courier-Journal article to Ky. cases post question: What defines a father, Andrew Wolfson writes today Some states handle paternity with Uniform Parentage Act .
A link to the Uniform Parentage Act and the legislative fact sheet can be found at the post here. My sentiments expressed in that post: For years we can allow our families to go to lawyers who will have to give them "I don't know" answers to many questions and work our way though the courts dealing with this on a slow case-by-case basis, or we can get down to work and ask our legislature to act. We have a year until the next legislative session. Come hear Professor Mary M. Beck, University of Missouri, Columbia Law School April 19, 2007 present "Father's Registries and Why Every State Needs One" and "Putative Fathers Or Pop Up Pops." Brochure and registration info here. How timely.