Is Father Responsible For Expenses Of Mother's Pregnancy In Kentucky?

Stan Billingsly at LawReader requested that we post the law on this fact situation: an unmarried pregnant woman wants to know if the father of her unborn child is responsible for the expenses of her pregnancy and how does she obtain reimbursement if he refuses to pay? KRS 406.011 obligates the father to pay the reasonable expenses of the mother’s pregnancy, whether or not the child is born alive, and for the education, necessary support, and funeral expenses of the child, to the same extent as the father of a child born in wedlock.
Paternity may be determined upon the complaint of the mother, putative father, child, or the person or agency substantially contributing to the support of the child as well as by the county attorney or the Cabinet for Health and Family Services. KRS 406.021.
The action may be commenced within 18 years after the birth, miscarriage or stillbirth of a child. Child support awards are not retroactive to birth if the complaint is taken four years or more from the date of birth. KRS 403.031.