A Few Comments About 16th Annual Domestic Relations Update: Is A Legislative Solution In Order On The Vexing Paternity Issues?

A few lawyers in Kentucky may know as much about family law as retired Chief Judge Richard A. Revell, but none knows more. What is so fascinating about this field of law is the constant movement within it reflecting our changes in society. The seminar at the Louisville Bar Association last Friday was spectacular not only because of Judge Revell’s breadth of knowledge, but because of the great questions the audience peppered us with. There were a number of questions particularly about the DNA/paternity/father/child support/custody quagmire we find ourselves presented with in Kentucky. I felt like I was at a Supreme Court oral argument. The bottom line on this direction of the law is “we don’t know.”

Perhaps now is the time to begin studying the Uniform Parentage Act, which can be found here. According to the legislative fact sheet found here it has been endorsed by:
ABA Family Law Section
ABA Section of Individual Rights and Responsibilities
ABA Steering Committee on Unmet Legal Needs of Children
National Child Support Enforcement Association
National Association of Public Health Registrars
American Association of Matrimonial Attorneys

For years we can allow our families to go to lawyers who will have to give them "I don't know" answers to many questions and work our way though the courts dealing with this on a slow case-by-case basis, or we can get down to work and ask our legislature to act.