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Wednesday, September 18, 2019

S.T., et al. v. Cabinet for Health and Family Services, et al.


In a dependency, neglect, and abuse action, after a temporary removal hearing, custody of the minor children at issue was given to the Cabinet for Health and Family Services (“the Cabinet”), which put the minor child in foster care. Mother eventually named as a potential placement S.J. and D.J. (collectively, “the Js”)—a married couple Mother had met through a ministry and considered to be family friends. Father named no potential placements. Temporary custody was given to the Js during a pretrial hearing. Eventually, the Js moved for permanent custody of the minor children.


Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Baker v. Baker


Parties divorced in 1996, entering into a settlement agreement, which was incorporated into the decree of dissolution of marriage. Husband owned a Railroad Retirement Plan (“the Plan”) from his employment at CSX Transportation. A provision of the settlement agreement provided for Wife receiving half of the Plan from the date of the parties’ marriage until the entry of the decree of dissolution of marriage. Furthermore, both parties “agree[d] that in the event any document, legal instrument, or other writing [was] necessary to effect the terms and provisions of [the settlement] agreement, each party [would] produce, execute, and/or sign such document in order to effect the intent and purpose of [the settlement] agreement.”


Monday, August 26, 2019

Williford v. Williford


Husband awoke hearing Wife outside talking on the phone to Wife’s sister, stating that she was going to “go in there and get him in an argument and blow his head off.” Neither Husband nor Wife owned a firearm, but Husband took the threat seriously. Husband woke his three daughters to listen to the conversation, who urged Husband to leave the house out of fear. Husband called 911, and a sheriff deputy came to the home. After a conversation with the deputy, Wife was instructed to leave the premises after admitting she made the statements and threatened Husband. Husband filed a petition for an order of protection.