AAML Annual Meeting CLE and Blogging About Seminars

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The AAML annual meeting in Chicago was filled with the best yet CLE. I often return from these meetings feeling the material is indispensable; this year was over-the-top fabulous. I am not unaware of the furor in some circles about blogging the content of paid seminars over the internet. Of more concern to me is the possibility that blogging could chill the candid nature of the discourse. From the outset we have decided to post a synopsis of seminar content only with the approval of the speaker.
I did not even ask two of the fine presenters for permission to post about their remarks because it was obvious I would not have time to do their material justice and we may try to land a couple of them in Louisville for our seminar in April. I did ask Robert H. Mnookin, Williston Professor of Law, Harvard Law School; Director Harvard Negotiation Research Project, Chair, Steering Committee, Program on Negotiation, for permission to post about his talk, “Negotiation Techniques by the Expert”, Negotiating in the Shadow of the Law. A first for me, he asked me to email a draft to him and he said he'd email me back if OK. Since he is "in residence" in California for a year and is limited in his opportunity to travel, I will email him a draft and hope he OKs it. No point stepping on toes. It is exactly the negotiation and mediation content that we seem to desperately need in these parts.
P.S. If you think you missed a week of posts after this seminar was over on November 10, you are correct. Sick. Out for an entire week. Now swamped. Clients come first and there is catching up to do. In the spirit of this thankful season, though, doing the best you can is almost always good enough, and now I know to add health to the long list of things for which I am thankful.