After The Holidays, Cases Up To Date, Now Let's Finish Those Resolutions

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All "to be published" family law cases rendered through January 4, 2008 are now digested and posted. While we're still working on resolutions and 2008 goals and catching up on our news and blog reading, everyone is back to work, healthy (finally!), and looking forward to a great 2008.

While flattery usually gets you everywhere, I was sorry to have to decline Vickie Pynchon's "Lawyers Appreciate" meme tag, online here, especially after her email invitation to those she tagged read : I chose Diana Skaggs (her blog -- totally outside ANY area I've EVER practiced in --) because she's one of the best, most articulate and most ADR-friendly law bloggers in the world. How funny! It was a choice of posting or packing and I had to pack. However her overly generous compliment did send me away with a nice glow. Until I returned to town and an angry opposing party mailed a hateful letter all over hell's half acre calling me every name in the book. So, while I firmly believe in mediation, negotiation and settlement, particularly in divorce matters, there are those out there in litigation land who would strongly take issue with Vickie.

What I like most about Vickie's post is her focus on gratitude. It's something I've been stewing about for some time, letting ideas percolate (ferment?) and trying to incorporate into an action plan for this year. This annual introspection and planning process is a joyous ritual and it's way past time to count blessings.