Big Brothers Big Sisters; Donate At LouisvilleDivorceKlutzes Team Page

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363 days ago, on the first day of posting, our Bowl For Kid's Sake Team, LouisvilleDivorceKlutzes , benefiting Big Brothers Big Sisters was announced here. It's that time of year again and now I know how to give you a link directly to our team page. Go here to donate to our team. Kentucky Law Review is also sponsoring a team as Mike Stevens posted here yesterday. If you go to his site, you'll not only read a moving starfish story, but you'll be led to his Bowl For Kids' Sake page and see the face behind his blog, along with his wife Diane. He's counting so feel free to donate to his site. The important thing is to support the organization.

Jerry Steinberg, the dad of Meghan Steinberg about whom we are also posting today, was a Big Brother. I will remember the rest of my life going to the 1996 Olympics in Atlanta with one of my best friends, who was a Big Sister along with her Little Sister. With no tickets and no hotel arranged, we loaded them, my niece who was the same age 13, and my daughter, age 6 at the time in the my jeep and headed to Atlanta. We found a new Hampton Inn in Conyers, Ga near the equestrian venue (remember we are from horse country here in Kentucky) and so this dear Little Sister spent her first night ever in a hotel and swam in a swimming pool for the first time. As we were leaving for the stadium jumping event the next day, she was making her bed. The expression on her face when told that a housekeeper would take care of that after we departed was priceless! We take so much for granted.

P.S. We also got to see N. Korea v. Pakistan in the men's field hockey event. The multi-national crowd singing and dancing together to "Y.M.C.A." also remains a treasured memory.