Birthday Wishes: The Party Wraps Up

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Thanks for all the good wishes readers sent in celebration of the first birthday of this weblog last week, about which we posted here. Some congrats were sent by email to me, some were posted at the blog of the sender, and some are buried as a comment beneath the fold at DLJ. I appreciate them all.

Diana Skaggs' The Divorce Law Journal, focusing on "divorce and family law info for professionals in Kentucky and beyond," celebrates its first birthday this week. I read the DLJ daily, communicate with Diana often, and reference her entries frequently, including as recently as yesterday in this ILB entry on "equitable paternity." Happy Birthday, DLJ, and many more! from a post at Indiana Law BLog, "First Birthday For Divorce Law Journal" (In case you missed it, Marcia Oddi received the Indiana Judges' Association 2006 media award and her legal weblog is #8 in the country this year, #11 last year, out of 1690 lawyer blogs. Nice having fans in high places.)

Congratulations on this important milestone. Your blog is terrific! It is one of the ones that inspired me to get started. Great topics and good writing. Keep it up! Steve Worrall, Georgia Family Law Blog

Diana, happy birthday and congratulations on one year of excellent blogging! I hope one of these days I'll have the pleasure of meeting you so I can tell you in person how much I enjoy reading your blog.
Best wishes,
from Diane Levin Online Guide To Mediation.

Diana, I cannot BELIEVE that you've only been blogging for a year. When I arrived in the blogosphere, I assumed everyone who was already at the party must have been born there. HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! You've been an irreplaceable welcome wagon and resource. Most of all, you are definitive of what blogging (and mediation) are all about -- collaboration and reciprocity. Do fly west this year & I'll show you the town! Best, from Victoria Pynchon at Settle It Now Negotiation Blog.

Happy Birthday Diana, a wonderful blog, from Geoff Sharp at Mediator blah...blah.

Happy 1st Birthday Divorce Law Journal and here's to many more! Keep up the great work. Dan Nunley, Oklahoma Family Law Blog.

Happy, happy, birthday to your blog! I have certainly enjoyed reading many of your entries. You have a wonderful knack when it comes to getting to the guts of the issue! You explain it in such a straightforward way.I love that you are leading the way for me and have been a sparkling role model for putting myself out there!.
And yes, I've missed seeing you, but I've also been out of the mainstream. I look forward to getting back into it!
Happy Blog Birthday to you, happy blog birthday to you.......
Love, Susie
from Suzann O'Koon, Ph.D, a great friend who has recently launched her blog, Dr. Suzann O'Koon's Blog with the tag line thoughts, directions, visions, growth and life coaching. I had planned to wait to announce her blog to the world until it had "grown legs" as they say in the blogosphere, but her plate has been even more full than mine and I had to include her warm sentiments in this post.

And a Happy Birthday to Diana Skaggs and her @ First Birthday Divorce Law Journal. One year old, out of diapers, and no longer crawling. Now that's kicking!... I can only assume the picture of the one-year old celebrating the birthday in the photo at Diana Skaggs' site is a self-portrait! (And that is for kidding me on my photos. There. Gotcha!) from Michael Stevens at Kentucky Law Review from a post titled Churning, burning, and Happy Birthday to others! Just letting y'all know, the keyboard klatter kontinues to klick afterhours for us and others.

As I told friends, I don't give a hoot about my own birthday, but having a blog birthday was a blast! Thank you.