Blog Presentation Coming (I Hope)

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Last fall my nephew videotaped and edited a "hot tip" to be presented, with others, at the national American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers spring meeting last week. It's just as well the outline wasn't printed. When Joey finished filming, my brother told me he was beta testing Explorer 7.0 and he showed me how it has a RSS feed built right in the toolbar. In this fast paced field no doubt many other things in the paper and film are out of date.

Nonetheless, the film was shown. I had to catch my plane so I didn't see the viewing nor get feedback that day. Truth be told, I was worried. I didn't even know if it made the cut. I later realized a Q&A format would have worked much better than a ten minute monologue, and I would have treated the content a little differently had I known an outline would not be in the attendee materials. As I posted earlier this week, I didn't even talk blogs this trip.

I heard several "kudos" from AAML members who saw it, but one said it was a little confusing without accompanying written materials. He didn't even know what a blog was, so I guess it was confusing. I didn't post about this earlier this week as I was waiting for an official OK. Usually when seminars are given, you give the material to the presenting organization and I did not want to step on any toes. These fellows are people whose relationships I cherish. But the OK came from the AAML President, Gaetano "Guy" Ferro (of the Wendt G.E. divorce fame) so now I am ready to post. Well, guess what? I can't put my hands on the darn DVD and my erstwhile nephew is nowhere to be found. It will be coming soon, maybe.