Blonde Justice Includes Louisville Divorce Same Sex Marriage Post in Blawg Review #61

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"A lucidly written, intelligent analysis of the legal issues implicated in the debate over same sex marriage on Louisville Divorce" caught my eye at Online Guide to Mediation. That led to the site hosting this week's Blawg Review #61, Blonde Justice, where our posting Same Sex Marriage Issue in Congress, Again was included as part of the review of the week. Don't you have to love a name like "Blonde Justice"? And, when writing about such a divisive and emotionally charged issue as same-sex marriage, especially in a state that quick-triggered a constitutional amendment, I can't tell you how good it feels to have someone call the analysis "lucid" and "intelligent."

Same-sex issues have been posted frequently here, but not for ideological reasons; I'm as straight as straight can be. The definition of family is evolving, however, and it is highly important that society consider the numerous types of families that are raising children, and that our law protect both partners in these relationships as well as their children. And, these issues are in the news constantly. Glad others outside the state appreciated the message.

It will be fun taking future looks at the Blonde Justice Blog as well as her collaborators on the Blawg Review, Woman of the Law and Not Guilty.

Finally, we'll be hosting Blawg Review on November 27, 2006. We're looking forward to having all our planned work in place well before then, and making the Blawg Review over-the-top outstanding (or at least as great as a blawg which will be nine months old at the time can be)!