Calling Lawyers Who Blog: Idea Festival, Louisville, Ky September 25 -27, 2008

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Idealawg's Stephanie West Allen and I are coordinating a gathering of lawyers who blog at next year's Idea Festival. Of course the "Idea" in Stephanie's blawg name is no accident, and this festival is right up her alley, as she posted here. My suspicions are that most lawyers who have blogs are innovative creative thinkers who will find nirvana at this conference.

It's more than a year away, so you have several options. Mark it off on your calendar. Subscribe to the Idea Festival email to stay abreast of what will be on the agenda. If you seriously think you may want to come, make a hotel reservation at 21C Museum Hotel soon. There are many other very nice hotels in the area, of course, but if you are cutting edge and love art and the offbeat, you will be absolutely delighted by this 91 room boutique hotel.

The most you could spend at this year's festival was $260 for an all event pass, including a cocktail buffet and two dinners, and most sessions were free so it is not budget busting. You won't need a rental car because everything is within walking distance and there are courtesy Geek Squad cars for short hops. And the company? Awesome. My recommendation? Splurge on the hotel.

For past posts on the 2007 shebang, see Day 3, Day 2 and Day 1.

As our New Zealand friend Geoff Sharp of Mediator blah...blah... said a year ago in announcing the LEADR conference here, "Where The Bloody Hell Are You? ...(get outta here! no one believes you're booked up already)...Come see us, talk with us - we've poured you a beer." If you prefer, being in Kentucky, we'll make it a mint julep, albeit with foam, ladled with liquid nitrogen, garnished with a sugar encrusted sprig of mint, printed on no calorie paper. Stephanie and I look forward to meeting and to seeing you in person.

Check out Stephanie's invitation here.