Dean Jim Chen Meets the Louisville Legal Community

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Dean Jim Chen, Brandeis School of Law, University of Louisville, was welcomed at a reception Tuesday night at the Louisville Bar Association. Knowing he had a blog ( Jurisdynamics), I was eager to ask him about it. While most timid lawyers I know create a blog on the quiet and then “let it grow legs” before telling anyone about it, Dean Chen’s approach may give us insight into his decisiveness. He created his blog one night after his wife went to bed. Before he retired for the evening, it was up and running and he had sent the “send” button on an email telling people about it.

He appeared warm, engaging, and very much interested in helping the University maintain and enhance its ties to the legal community. He is still thinking about how the law school and its dean can engage the legal community through blogging.

I was also struck and impressed by his candor. In a city that claims Muhammad Ali as its son, it is unacceptable to have its bar composed of only 5% African Americans.

We look forward to great things coming under Dean Chen’s tenure. We Kentucky bloggers must invite him to our next get together.