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Journal Categories

The South Carolina Family Law Blog posted an updated directory of North American family law blogs. On our family law blog categories we list those aimed at professionals and do not list those giving advice about the law to potential clients, partly because of Kentucky ethics constraints. We also don't directly link to those blogs with a primary focus of self or firm promotion. Here's the complete list; link to the South Carolina Family Law Blog to link to the others.

Alabama: Alabama Family Law Blog by Michael Sherman, Esq.
Alabama: Lee's Divorce & Family Law Blog by Lee Borden, Esq.
Arizona: Arizona Family Law Blog by Nirenstein, Ruotolo & Gonzalez, P.L.C.
Arizona: Arizona Divorce & Family Law by Trent Wilcox, Esq.
California: California Divorce and Family Law by Jeffrey Lalloway, Esq.
California: California Divorce Blawg by John E. Harding, Esq.
California: California Family Law Blog by Scott J. Sagaria, Esq.
California: San Diego Divorce Lawyer by Brian D. Bill, Esq.
California: San Francisco Family Law Blog by M. Tilden Moschetti, Esq.
Colorado: Colorado DivorcePoint! by Lawrence F. King, Esq. and Christopher L. Griffith, Esq.
Florida: Florida Divorce Law Blog by Janet Langjahr, Esq.
Florida: Florida Family & Divorce Lawyer by James W. Hart, Esq.
Florida: Florida Family Lawyer by Barry W. Kaufman, Esq.
Florida: Tampa Family and Divorce Lawyer by Nancy McRoberts Parham, Esq.
Florida: The Orsini & Rose Divorce and Family Law Blog by Brent Rose, Esq.
Georgia: Georgia Family Law Blog by Andrea Knight, Esq.
Illinois: Chicago Family Law Blog by Alan Pearlman, Esq.
Indiana: Indiana Family Law Blog by William L. Wilson, Esq.
Iowa: Iowa Family Law by Babich, Goldman, Cashatt & Renzo, P.C.
Kansas: Kansas Family & Divorce Lawyer by Grant D. Griffiths, Esq.
Kentucky: Divorce Law Journal by Diana L. Skaggs, Esq.
Kentucky: Kentucky Law Blog by Michael Stevens and others
Maine: Maine Divorce Law Blog by Alan R. Nye, Esq.
Maryland: Maryland Divorce Legal Crier by James J. Gross, Esq.
Michigan: Updates in Michigan Family Law by Jeanne M. Hannah, Esq.
Michigan: Domestic Diversions by David C. Sarnacki and others
New Jersey: New Jersey Family Law by Charles C. Abut, Esq.
New Jersey: New Jersey Family Law Blog by Pieter Droppert, Esq.
New Jersey: New Jersey Law Blog by Stark & Stark
New York: New York Divorce Report by Daniel E. Clement, Esq.
North Carolina: Kramer vs by Alison Kramer of Rosen Divorce
North Carolina: Ullman & Allen Family Law Forum by Ullman & Allen, PLLC
South Carolina: South Carolina Family Law Blog by J. Benjamin Stevens, Esq.
Tennessee: Tennessee Family and Probate Law by Al Frazier, Esq.
Tennessee: Knight on Family Law by Stephen C. Knight, Esq.
Texas: Family Law > News & Views by Jimmy Verner, Esq.
Texas: Texas Family Law Blog by Chris Schmiedeke, Esq.
Utah: Utah Divorce and Family Law Blog by Gregory W. Stevens, Esq.
Virginia: Virginia Law Blog by Shane L. Jimison, Esq.
Vancouver, British Columbia: British Columbia Family Law Blog by MacLean Family Law Group
Ottawa, Ontario: Ottawa Divorce Blog by Jeffrey Behrendt, Esq.
Toronto, Ontario: Blog/Journal of a Toronto Lawyer Specializing in Estate & Family Law by Robert G. Coates, Esq.