Great Gathering of KY Blawgers

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It was my great pleasure to host most of the other lawyers in KY with blogs for an evening of lively discussion. Mike Stevens, after noting that he had to be dragged out the door, said in a nice note, "Again, you do not know how much the warmth and fellowship was appreciated. This is the way law used to be practiced and it is in dire need of it now, else it will no longer be a profession and just a trade." Funny how high tech can bring out the old aspirations. Musing, long ago Justice Charles Leibson penned a handwritten note to me (which I treasure to this day) following an article in the newpaper in the early 1980's. It started, "What a joy to behold a kindred spirit." Well, I don't know what Charlie would say about the bloggers (well, maybe we all do, but we won't go there), but it was wonderful being with kindred spirits as we follow this path to who knows where.

BenCowgill (Ben Cowgill on Legal Ethics and SoloBlawg (be sure to check out Ben's national Blawg Review this week on his SoloBlawg site, which is incredibly well done) Mike Stevens (Kentucky Law Blog, Kentucky Cases and Louiville Law Wire), David Hoskins (Kentucky Employment Law) and Ed Brutscher (Kentucky Tort and Inurance Law) were there as was Michelle Eisenmenger Mapes. Mike has said he'd love to do it again at his place, but I think his wife, Diane, ought to have some say about this.

And even though Dean Richard Bales (Workplace Professors Blog) had to teach a class and Michael Odell Walker (Kentucky Young Lawyers) had burned up too many miles the preceding weekend with the Ky AAML and KBA Young Lawyer section, we connected in a fun way in the planning and I'm sure they will not miss out next time