Idea Festival Day 2

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My favorite quotes of the day include "A master in the art of living draws no sharp distinction between work and play" (source anonymous but shared by robotics whiz, James McLurkin), "Why fill my mind with useless facts when I can look it up?" (Einstein, who didn't know his own phone number) and "it takes creativity to make something, it takes moxie to make it matter" by New Zealand fashion designer Karen Walker. Dr. Neville-Manning from Google distilled his wisdom into five simple concepts: 1. think broadly, 2. enable others, 3. use deep technology, 4. build for scale and 5. detect trends.

Highlights included Google World, presented by Dr.Craig Nevill-Manning of Google. This morning's Courier Journal covered Apple co-founder Wozniak lives life full of bright ideas, but great in-depth coverage can be found, not surprisingly, on blogs. Ethan Zuckerman, a research fellow at Harvard Law School, Day 3's opening speaker and a founder of Global Voices, extensively posted on Day 2's events:
Idea Festival: Woz. Wow.
Idea Festival: Swarmed by Robots
Idea Festival: Barrington Irving, flying solo
Idea Festival: Tiffany Shlain’s web of ideas
Idea Festival: Craig Nevill-Manning and the secrets of Google’s success
He also posted on a Day 1 event that I haven't previously mentioned:
Idea festival: Pictures of peace
Evgeny Morozov posted about:
Ned Kahn at Idea Festival: Master of Turbulence
Karen Walker at Idea Festival: Meaning of Fashion
James McLurkin at Idea Festival: Distributed Robotics and Swarm Behavior
Tiffany Shlain at Idea Festival: Interdependence and Colony Collapse Disorder
and from Day 1, Cameron Sinclair at Idea Festival: Creating Social Capital Through Architecture
Wayne Hall posted Karen Walker's fashion rules, James McLurkin: Dances with Robots, The aesthetics of turbulence , Laurence Gonzales on "intelligent mistakes" and Geek Squad blogging IF.
This festival is fabulous. Not only will I return next year, but we will close the office so everyone can attend.