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The Indiana Law Blog published this piece yesterday:
"Two Kentucky law blogs added to ILB blog list

The ILB has added two Kentucky law blogs to the list of links in the right-hand column, directly below the list of Indiana law blogs. They are the Kentucky Law Blog and the Kentucky Divorce and Family Law Blog.

Take a look at the entry in the Kentucky Divorce Blog titled "Nature or Nurture: Should Genetic Test Results Be Admissible To Rebut The Presumption Of Paternity?" (unfortunately, there does not seem to be a way to link to it directly).

The Indiana Law Blog has long wanted to add links to good law blogs in all the states bordering Indiana. We try to cover interesting or important law news from not only Louisville, but Cincinnati, Chicago, etc. However, other than Kentucky, we have not run across law blogs that meet our criteria. Suggestions would be welcome."

We are grateful for the inclusion and would love to know Marcia's criteria. In the meantime, we will continue to link to all Kentucky blawgs and to all Family Law related blogs, but have added a new category called "Great Legal Blogs Outside Kentucky", in which the Indiana Law Blog is the first listed. There are several very good legal blogs out there. If there is a criteria you'd like applied or sites you'd like to suggest we include, post a comment!

Finally, to link to a posting, go to archives and then to the post. At the bottom you will see a Permalink. Right click and save the link. Very cool to be able to teach someone esle something for a change. We have been on the receiving end too long.