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It was bound to happen. Maybe it is not the first family law case to be blogged by a litigant, but it's the first I have seen. I found it troubling to see a party to a pending case blogging his evidence on the internet. We assume judges read blogs. If I represented the opposing party I would be concerned about a member of the judiciary stumbling upon a site such as Let Me See My Son. This case is before the Kentucky Supreme Court and because of the posture of the case will likely be remanded and work its way back up again. What do you think?

From Marcia Oddi at Indiana Law Blog:
In terms of a judge stumbling across it -- How is this different from a letter to an editor, or a long interview in a news magazine, or a human interest feature on the evening news?
She also passed on these interesting links: "So what if the judge reads the lawprof's blog?", "Forget judges, what if jurors had blogs?", and "The "new media" panel at the 7th Circuit conference" .
SECOND UPDATE: You can find the May 22,2007 Wall Street Journal online article Law Blog Trendspotting: Litigants Launching Web Sites here. Lots of comments.