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The nicest part of being named among the top family law blogs by Prenuptial Agreements was discovery of a number of family law blogs that have not previously been followed here. We'll try to review them and get some added to our blogroll soon. Maybe it's wanderlust, but I am particularly eager to check out the ones outside the U.S. Meanwhile, ones not currently on our site are:
Houston Texas Divorce And Family Attorney Blog by J. Shannon Cavers
New York Divorce Law Blog by David A. Gabay
New York Divorce Report by Daniel R. Clement
Arizona Divorce & Family Law Blog by several members of Nirenstein Ruotolo Group, P.L.C
Pennsylvania Family Law by Charles J. Meyer
Utah Divorce & Family Law Blog by Gregory W. Stevens
Family Lore by John Bolch in the UK (it will be fun checking out his blogroll)
New Jersey Family Law Blog by Victor A. Rotolo
Bloody Relations by an anonymous north London solicitor
Divorce Solicitor by Lynne Bastow
Mississippi Family Law Blog by Robert M. Kisselburgh
Australian Divorce Blog by Stephen Page
Sam Hasler's Indiana Divorce & Family Law Blog
Benussi Blog by UK's Diane Benussi