Registered Domestic Partnership Does Not Terminate Maintenance (and some vacation blog musing about colleagues to the north)

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Marcia Oddi at Indiana Law Blog has been doing my work for me while I was on vacation with her post here quoting from the L.A. Times about a recent decision holding that unlike remarriage, a registered domestic partnership does not terminate alimony.

State marriage laws say that alimony ends when the former spouse remarries, and Garber reasons he should be off the hook, given that domestic partnership is akin to marriage. But an Orange County judge has decided that registered partnership is cohabitation, not marriage, and that Garber must pay.

On the way to Lake Michigan last week I had a delightful mid-morning chat with Marcia. It is so nice putting a face with the name and the pen. A couple of Kentucky legal bloggers have had many "behind the scenes" email chats with her and admire her wisdom and restraint. So, I am pleased to now say that I know her and that she will try to join us when we get together next time. As we have reported several times, Marcia won the 2006 Excellence in Public Information and Education Award, presented by the Indiana Judges Association. If you take a look at her updated site you will see that the Indiana Bar Association is now a sponsor. Her blog is the gold standard.

I was very sorry not to meet Jeanne Hannah of Updates In Michigan Family Law in Traverse City. We had dinner planned last Friday night, but I had to cancel because we had boat engine problems and were stranded in Leland. Not that spending three days in Leland is anything to complain about; it is a lovely town and I could have stayed there the entire summer. The joy and occasional disappointment about boating is that you just can't plan well. Fog. Near gale force winds creating huge waves. Or, as in our case, all that plus what turned out to be an alternator problem which caused the radar to go out, the marine radio to quit, then the power steering to shut down and finally an engine failure, all while we were in a shipping lane in thick fog, near shoals between the Manitou Islands. It was great fun, but I really did miss meeting Jeanne. Maybe next year, unless my hosts decide I am bad luck!