A Slight Change In Posting New Kentucky Case Law

The Supreme Court of Kentucky has entered  Administrative Order 2020-14  regarding COVID-19 and custody and parenting time orders. Please see our COVID-19 Frequently Asked Questions and Answers for more information.

Journal Categories

DLJ will now post all new Kentucky divorce and family law cases designated to be published, without waiting for finality endorsement. As we prepare to present the prior year's family law cases to the bar at the Louisville Bar Association's Annual Domestic Relations Update we will revisit these posts and add the SW3d cites or then current status. Michelle Eisenmenger Mapes, vice chair of the LBA Family Law Section, has digested some family law cases for Kentucky Law Review, and she will continue to do so. Michael Stevens at KLR has welcomed our efforts to reprint her work at DLJ. By the same token, Kentucky Law Review is welcome to republish any digests appearing here.

What to do about those numerous "not to be published cases" (after 2003 and continuing) that may now be cited for persuasion when there is not published case on point is the perplexing question.