Some Tips On Reading Divorce Law Journal

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If you are new to DLJ or if you have not toured the complete site in awhile, I would like to tell you about some features.

You can subscribe by email at the upper right corner. Each day you will receive an email listing the posts from the previous day.

The best way to receive updates is to subscribe to the RSS feed. We have posted about how to do this here and here. The good news is that Internet Explorer 7.0 has an RSS reader built into the tool bar. If you use another browser, there are many free RSS readers on the market but I can recommend FeedDemon as being inexpensive and easy to set up.

Also on the upper right of the blog is a Google search box on which you can not only search the web, but you can search for prior posts on this blog. The default setting is to search this site.

Occasionally I change the order of the content on both sidebars. You will always find, however, a listing of the other Kentucky lawyers with blogs, a category of other family law blogs across the country, a category containing mediation blogs, and a category of great statewide legal blogs outside Kentucky. So far, I have not identified any outstanding statewide blogs other than Michael Steven’s KentuckyLawReview and Marcia Oddi’s IndianaLawBlog, but I will be pleased to add other high quality statewide blogs as they become available or known to me.

If you care to know anything about this writer, the "about" page at the upper left contains a short bio and link to the author's law firm website.

Comments, questions, criticisms, and suggestions are always welcome. I have made an editorial decision not to publish comments from litigants in pending cases. While there may be nothing wrong with doing so, it simply doesn’t feel right.

Finally, occasionally I add new blogs to my blogrolls and delete sites that have been inactive for some time. As a general rule, I have tried to list only sites that will be of interest to other professionals and have excluded those which seem almost entirely self-promotional in nature.