Taking Care of Business (and ourselves)

The Supreme Court of Kentucky has entered  Administrative Order 2020-14  regarding COVID-19 and custody and parenting time orders. Please see our COVID-19 Frequently Asked Questions and Answers for more information.

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Sorry the .pdf link with Judge Potter's special Jury Instructions cannot be opened, which we referenced in the posting about Mike Runner yesterday. Will fix asap. Beginners goof-up. This is a good time to mention, however, that you may notice a slight slow down of posting in the next week, and to a lesser extent over the summer. Let me explain.
First, two of our four lawyers are off to the ABA Family Law Trial Advocacy Institute. I have heard numerous times that this grueling boot camp adds five years experience to any family lawyer's practice in just eight days. So, I am delighted that Melinda Whitton and Michelle Eisenmenger Mapes are hunkered down in Houston with premier instructors. Melinda was sorely dissapointed that she was was third on a wait list last year, after applying several months in advance, and nothing opened up. Look for them kicking it up several notches upon their return.
But, they took the laptop that I use from home to do my blogging. I can't do much during the day, and over the next week Sandy Ragland and I have to hold down the fort for us all.
Then comes summer. After taking Fridays off for several summers, one summer went by without a single Friday off. At the end of that year I found I had been no more productive than in the years I treated myself to summer Fridays off. So, you will soon see blogging only Mondays through Thursdays until after Labor Day.
We'll be taking care of business, but taking care of ourselves, too.