Thanks to Kentucky Law Blog for Taking us to 21C

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Kentucky Law Blog celebrates its one year anniversary, with 100,000 hits, give or take a few. Kudos and thanks for:
1. Providing a timely forum for the goings-on in Kentucky law, practice of law, judicial and legislative news and commentary, appeals decisions, volunteer needs and opportunities, professional organization news, and all the other law related news. It has truly become the one-stop-shopping resource Kentucky attorneys rely on to stay up to date. It makes legal print publications very old news. Because the

newspapers outside Louisville cover the legal system much more frequently than the Courier-Journal, those of us who do not subscribe to all those other papers can get the legal news online from the Kentucky Law Blog.
2. Being a thoughtful and responsible authority on all those goings-on. It is very easy to over-react in the heat of developing news and the Kentucky Law Blog has consistently not only reported and commented on the news, but has done so after deliberation (seasoning as they call it) and thought, not on impulse.

3. Getting Kentucky practitioners into the twenty first century by making us look at and embrace RSS feeds and having the courage to discontinue the previously depended upon Louisville Law Wire email. It would have been easy to continue the emails of Louisville Law Wire, but by stopping them (with ample notice) and instructing us on how to do RSS feeds, the Kentucky Law Blog has propelled us forward and ultimately made the legal world a much broader place.

4. For selflessly sharing everything he knows with anyone who is interested. Mike Stevens has certainly helped this author and many, many others with you don't want to know how many mundane details. None of us really know where it is going, but Mike has kindled the pioneer spirit and has been a gracious and nurturing influence, leading the way.

If the title to this post suggests Mike took us to 21C (the cutting edge museum hotel and its restaurant Proof), it is a bit misleading. Mike has taken us to 21C in a big, but different way. So, I'm suggesting that after summer sabbaticals we meet at 21C bar Friday, September 22, 5 pm for toasts and roasts and congratulations on his fine accomplishment. Mike doesn't know about this great idea, so if the date doesn't work for him we'll let you know. In the meantime, mark it on your calendars!