Till Debt Do Us Part

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The San Francisco Family Law Blog reprints an article from Gannett, Till Debt Do Us Part. "Which financial issues most often cause strife? Spending too much and saving too little, according to couples who responded to a USA TODAY/CNN/Gallup Poll in March....Making matters worse is that couples don't talk much about money before committing to each other. Nearly two-thirds of married couples who responded to USA TODAY's poll said they talked little or not at all before the wedding about how to combine their finances."

That is part of the reason the AAML has launched its Forcus On Forever initiative. This 43-page workbook is designed for those entering long term, committed relationships, to develop skills needed for success. Created with Academy Fellows, along with two nationally recognized psychologists and a CPA-CFP. it includes vignettes, exercises, budget worksheets and suggested readings. It's available for purchase though the AAML for $11.50.