Women's Negotiating Styles And Reluctances

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From Victoria Pynchon: "I just noticed this post & agree with what you say. I, too, feel the tension between negotiation and mediation. As my friend and mentor Ken Cloke says, there are 5 responses to conflict -- conflict avoidance, conflict suppression, conflict resolution, conflict transformation, and conflict transcendence. As women, we are trained by the culture to avoid and suppress conflict. This is one of the reasons why we chronically fail to negotiate on our own behalf -- bigger salaries, more time off, better working conditions, etc. In the case of marital dissolution, I wouldn't be surprised to find that protecting the children AND the estranged partner often trumps being willing to engage in tough negotiation tactics that will ensure a better (not worse!) future for the children. I'd be interested in hearing anything you or your readers know about this. For more on women's negotiating styles and reluctances, see http://womenlawnet.blogspot.com."
I went to that site and found this great article from Women Don't Ask: Negotiation and the Gender Divide.
Any takers on letting me and Victoria know what you know about this?