Legal Rights Of Three Parents Over One Child Recognized By Ontario Court of Appeals

The Court of Appeals in Ontario ruled that three parents can have parental rights over one child . Between A.A., Appellant and B.B. and C.C., Appellees. The background of the case is reported in Jurist.

A Canadian child can legally have three parents - two mothers and a father. The case before the court involved a lesbian couple, together since 1990, one of whom was the biological mother of the five-year-old child, and a biological father who was listed on the child's birth certificate. All three individuals were active in the child's life and the women were not simply willing to adopt the boy because it would mean the father would lose his legal status as a parent. Ontario Justice Marc Rosenberg said depriving all three from legal parental roles would be "contrary to (the child's) best interests" and stressed the importance of giving the non-biological mother authority to make decisions for the child in the event of the biological mother's death.

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Hmm. The non-bio mom could not adopt in Kentucky if she wanted, and the bio dad on the birth certificate would be on the hook even if he had no interest in the child.