More On Evolving Paternity Law

The day after the Kentucky Supreme Court held oral arguments on two paternity cases as we reported here, the Michigan Court of Appeals decided Brooks v. Brooks. Jeanne Hannah of Updates In Michigan Family Law posts Nellie Bar The Door: Part II, a sequel to Nellie Bar The Door!. Although Brooks is an unpublished decision, her alarm demonstrates Kentucky is not the only state that, having failed to enact the Uniform Parentage Act , is wrestling with these hugely important paternity questions.

Someone told me that the oral arguments held at the University of Kentucky were going to be streamed online. I haven't found them, so if they are posted, I would very much like to know where.

An interesting development is that Hon. Lisabeth Hughes Abramson, author of the Court of Appeals opinion in Boone v. Ballinger, was installed on the Kentucky Supreme Court as Justice McAnulty's replacement just days before the duo of paternity oral arguments were held. If one is looking to guess where the Kentucky Supreme Court will land on this issue, my bet is that Justice Abramson will lead.