Post-Nuptial Agreements On the Rise

Post-nuptial agreements, sometimes called mid-marriage agreements, are contracts entered into by a married couple for some reason other than an anticipated divorce or separation. Sometimes they are reconciliation agreements. Most states hold that the standard for enforceability is the same as with prenuptial agreements and must be fair, reasonable, and made with full disclosure.
Last month, the AAML released a survey of its members and some comments:

CHICAGO, Jan. 31. In a recent poll of American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyer (AAML) members, 49% of the divorce attorneys cited an increase in postnuptial agreements during the past five years. Interestingly enough, 58% of the respondents most frequently draw up the agreements as a result of a request made by both parties, rather than it coming from either a husband or wife individually.
Rising in popularity throughout recent years, postnuptial agreements are voluntary marriage contracts between couples who are already married. The terms of postnuptial agreements can cover a wide variety of issues within a marriage, including disputes over potential finances, assets, children, and household chores. Couples can also seek a postnuptial agreement if the financial status of one or both partners changes dramatically after the marriage. The overall goal of the agreements is to help stop any potential conflicts and promote a stronger relationship.
"Postnuptial agreements, where valid, can be a good tool for addressing and solving problems spouses might be experiencing in their marriage," said Gaetano "Guy" Ferro, president of the AAML. "Having a written document with expectations and obligations clearly set forth reduces the areas of disagreement for spouses and can remove a good amount of stress from everyday married life."
Among the strangest items included in some postnuptial agreements, AAML members have noted: limits of the future number of children, provisions for pet visitation and care, and the dividing up of cemetery plots in the event of divorce.
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