Wolfson Lays Out Paternity Law Chaos

Andrew Wolfson in today's Courier-Journal reports on the husband/paternity fraud/bio-dad cases working their way though the Kentucky Courts. The front page story is here. His report is well researched, well written and accurate, as usual. Even if I had not read it while enjoying my coffee this morning, I would have known something significant had been published when I checked my email because of the Typepad comments to related prior posts waiting for approval. The Courier-Journal publishes "story chat" beneath its online story. Hope they are ready for a birrage.
We have reported on Denzik here and digested it here and discussed its progeny here. Hinshaw was digested here. We previously posted about the G.J.R - J.N.R. - J.S.R. case (now rightfully exposed by Wolfson as the Rhoades/Ricketts case) winding its way through the system here.